5G Service in India

Telecom oprater company BSNL still has 4G services available in India. Now the company is preparing to bring 5G.

According to media reports, BSNL has partnered with Nokia & ZTE in this order. For now, BSNL is planning to provide 4G services to all India except Delhi and Mumbai. The company has also spoken separately from theĀ  Department of Telecommunication to allow the 4G spectrum. Earlier, the company pleaded for the 5Mhz spectrum in 2100 Mhz to bring 4G services to the government.

According to Anupam Srivastav, BSNL chairman & MD Anupam Srivastav said the possibility of 5G coming into India by next year. At the movement, the company is putting up a Wi-Fi hotspot. The company’s goal is to put 100,000 Wi-Fi hotspots in a year and earn a revenue of 200 to 250 crores.

Bharti Airtel & Huawei have begun the process of implementing the plan of 5G in India. The two companies have scored a first trial of 5G.In the case, Airtel said a small trail can also be called the beginning of the 5G revolution in India.5G mobile networks are capable of delivering 100 times more speed than 4G networks.

India can arrive in 5G at 2020: 5G networks in India can reach consumers by 2020. The goal of providing 5G for now is to be put to 2020. In the same interval, the government has set up a high-level from to meet the alleged plans and targets. The roadmap and action plan of 5G retrieval in India under this form will be sanctioned.
Telecom Secretary Aruna Sundararajan has said recently that the telecom department will finalize the 5G roadmap until June 2018. Although Telecom industry, with has a debt of more than 7 Lakh crores(due to increased competitiveness in the market after the coming of Reliance Jio) has pleaded with the government to move the 5G spectrum auction a little further. But it is apparently getting ready for Airtel 5G already.

Airtel & Huawei made 5G trial: 3GBPS speed inside 3.5GHz band achieved

Airtel has achieved speed up 3GBPS in the trial rum with Huawei. This speed is the highest speed achieved by any mobile network within the 3.5Ghz band. In this trial run the 5G Corps and 50GE networks were used to slice router.

Airtel’s partnership with Sout Korean SK Telecom also for 5G: it is worth noting that Airtel’s 5G effort is not limited to Huawei. Airtel had previously partnered with South Korean Firm also to work on 5G development, software, networking & Internet of find etc.

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