The feature of iphone has been leaked.The phone looks quite like the iphone x. We’d rather say a report and a video on Youtube.In fact, many of the relelations on the internet are being made these days by iphone SE 2. The market for the rumours on the phone is to hot.Such a video on Youtube is going viralthese days.The video is being claimed in front of phone iphone SE 2.

The phone that appears in the video is in active mode.The video is also being shown while working on the phone.It has already had all the reports about iphone SE 2. There is a point in all this  rumers and leaked videos that tell all the SE 2 to Announ the iphone x.

These are the things being claimed
After watching  the video that is going viral on Youtube,it can be revaaled that the iphone SE 2 will include the Noth feature like iphone x.The rear dual amera is also visible in the phone.The edge-to-edge display in the phone is smilar to that of iphone x.It looks like the second generation of iphone x in seeing iphone SE 2,The phone screen is shorter than the  iphone x.The video is so accurate and its claim is true,it will be revealed in the coming of iphone SE 2.

Iphone SE 2 could be launched in 2018 WWDC

The dates of Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2018 have officially been declared by Apple.The event will be held from june 4 to june 8 at California’s Sen jose.WWDC is being held in san jose for second time.WWDC is held for Devalopers,where Apple’s new devalops is presented.Attention to the spread rumersthe event can launch the Apple iphone SE 2 at the WWDC 2018 event.WWDC ticket price has been earmarked 1,599 dollars.Lottery systems have been used for tickets.

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