For Games Buy Dell 15 inch Laptop, Dell Launches Four Laptops In G-Series,Learn About The Features & Cost

Dell has launched four new laptops of G-Series,for gaming users.Dell has claimed that the features of laptops will give users a new experience in gameing.There are no information on when Dell’s G-Series  laptops will be available in India.The laptops have been available in many parts of Chaina & Europe.Know about the features & price of these laptops.

                        Dell G3 15 & G3 17              

Dell G317 has a 17 inch display.While a 15 inch display is given in G315.These laptops have figured out the intel core i7 processors of up to 8th generation in the processor.These laptop have the graphics of NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1050 & 1060 max Q discrete.According to the company  G3 15 is by far the most slender laptop.G317 is avialible in 2 colour variant while G315 is available in 3 colour variant.

Dell G5 15 & G7 15 have a  15 inch display.Dell G5 has intel core i7 processor available up to 8th core i9 processor are availlable until the 8th generation at the Dell G7.Both have graphics of NVIDIA GTX 1060 GPUs.Users in the G715 will have the option of 4K display,whose pixels 380×2160.

Dell G315,G317 & Dell G515,Dell G7 15:


Dell G3 15 price 750$ (49,000 INR)
Dell G5 15 price 850$ (55,300 INR)
Dell G3 17 price 800$ (52,000 INR)
Dell G7 15 Price 850$ (55,300 INR)

Xiamoi mi gaming laptop

Earlier,Xiamoi launched the mi gaming laptop.The company launched his own laptop in a event in chaina’s Shanghai.However when the laptop is launched in India,the company have not given any information yet.Xiamoi mi gaming laptop is included in premium laptops.


Display: 15.6 inch full HD display in the laptop.Laptop have been given very little baijal
Ram & Stroge:  Xiamoi has introduced the laptop to 2 variant.Among them,256GB SSD & 1TB hard disk with 16 GB Ram.And  the second model includes 128 GB SSD & 1TB hard disk with 8 GB Ram.

Processor & Oprating System: LAptop have the core i7 processors of 7th generation .the device works on the windows 10 OS.

Graphics: Laptop has Nvidia Gforce GTX 1060 GPU graphics.

Other features: The device has USB 3.0 port,HDMI and audio jack

Price: Mi gaming laptop price will arround Rs.93,376 (1439.86 $)

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