One Plus 6 Price and Features Leaked

One Plus 6 Price and Features Leaked

Oneplus has already confirmed several features of his upcoming flagship smartphone Oneplus 6.The device is likely to launch by next month.According to reports, the price and the launch of the handset have also come out of date.According to reports, the device will be launch on 17th or  18th May in India.One plus plans to launch his flagship device at 39-40 thousand rupees.According to reports ,One plus 6 will come in three variant 256 GB,128 GB & 64 GB.The price of 256 GB variant would be worth Rs.45.500.while 128 GB model will be Rs.39.300 & 64 GB variant will be Rs.34.000

One plus6 will have a 6.2-inch display.smartphone will have an Aspect ratio 19:9.The phone will have  8 GB ram & 256 GB of Internal storage.The device will run on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor.The phone will work on the android Oreo 8.1 OS.The phone will have dual camera setup.The phone will receive 20 MP and 16 MP to sensors.the phone has a battery of 3.500 mAh.

One plus 6 will bump up Honer 10

The AI camera on the front & rear is also given Honer10 smartphones like Huawei P20.The phone will available in purple, black, blue & grey.The phone has a 5.85 inches full HD plus display with        19:9 aspect ratio.The phone has 6 GB Ram  & 128 GB of storage.The device has Kiren 970 Octa-core processor.The device works on Android Oreo.

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