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Hello friends all of us had to face a lot of trouble at the toll plaza,Keeping this in mind, the National Highways Authority was started the Fastag connection in 2014.It has become mandatory from 15 December 2019.What is fast tag,Where can you take it from,Where and how to recharge,it costs,How to recharge online.To know the answer to all these questions, read this article till the end.

This is a system that helps You pay toll tax at the toll plaza without stopping your vehicle.It is also called an electronic toll connection.

Where do you take it from?

You can get it from online, banks, or toll plaza.

What is the price of fastag ?

VehiclesPriceColour fastag
Car, jeep, Van500 rupeesindigo
Bus/Truck (3 Axle, Class6)200 rupeesyellow
Bus /Truck (2 Axle class 7)green
Truck 4,5,6 Axle class 12pink
Truck 7 Axle & above,class 15light blue
Light commercial vehicles 2 Axle class 5orange
Heavy commercial vehicles class 15black
Fastag price & colour

How to buy fastag using paytm?

  • Go to your Paytm account and click on more. Now you can find Fastag in the list below or you can search “Manage Fastag” in the search box.
  • You will get two options. Cars, jeeps or vans and commercial vehicles can select one of them according to your requirement.
  • Now provide your vickle registration number, upload your vickle rc front and back photo and click buy option.
Image sourse : paytm

How to recharge Paytm fastag ?

If you have purchased Fasttag from your Paytm, maintain a minimum of Rs 150 on your Paytm wallet.When you pass through the toll plaza, the toll tax will automatically be deducted from your wallet.

If you have purchased the fasttag from a bank or toll plaza. Go to the recharge and bill payment option in the Paytm app, you will get the option of fasttag recharge Or you can search fastag recharge in the search box.

Now Click on the Fastag recharge option, select the bank, If you have taken Fastag from your toll plaza then select For Indian High Way Management Company,give the Vickle regirtration number and make payment.

How to activate paytm fastag?

paytm fastag activation: If you upload RC photos while taking Fastag from your Paytmm, there is no need to be active. Your Fastag is already activated. But if you have not given a photocopy of RC while taking Fastag, then you have to call helpline number Customer service will provide you with a link. Open link upload a picture of RC.

Click this link to find the Fastag helpline numbers-

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