The smartphone with a 4 TB memory & 45 days of standby time

Lenovo has created curiosity in people carrying their smartphones. This is because the phone is going to come with some peculiarities. So far, smartphones have attracted users with many special features but the battery has always been a major hassle for users. Lenovo has noted this hassle. Lenovo Z5 is going to come with huge batteries. It will be 45 days of standby time.

What is standby time?

This is the time when the device can remain on an active use without a battery. This can also mean how long it takes before the battery shuts down after a full charge.

                                                                                                         Lenovo Z5 Specifications:

Lenovo is going to take full-screen smartphones according to the report. This will have a screen to body ratio as it is not previously seen in a device. That means that the company can take a full-screen smartphone in a truly.
 internal storage: not even notch in the phone’s front. With a recent teaser, it also shows that the handset can be provided in 4TB internal storage. Usually, a storage of 1TB or more is not common in smartphones. Flagship smartphones also have a maximum of 256GB storage available. However, some manufacturers have reached the TB.

Lenovo President has been a hint by the device Lenovo Z5 and can be given 4TB storage. Earlier he said that the Z5 technology would bring major changes to the sector. It will have 18 patent technology. The latest teaser of  Lenovo explains what users can do with 4TB storage. From One million photos can be saved, 12 thousand HD movies can be stored and 15 thousand music files can be saved. Lenovo Z5 can be launched in China in the middle of June. 




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