Xiaomi launched its new smart inverter air conditioner,at the price of 22,299 rupees

Xiaomi launched its new smart inverter air conditioner, at the price of

22,299 rupees


Chinese smartphone company Xiaomi launched its new smart air conditioner under Mijia brand in China. Compared to other air conditioners, this AC

looks is quite attractive. The smart AC is made from ultraviolet ABS polymer. Also, it has an LED display in front of it. It is difficult to say when it will be

launch in India. Let’s know about the smart air conditioner price and Features.

Xiomi AC




The price of this AC in China is

RMB 2,199, approximately 22,299 in Indian rupees.





The Smart AC has a 1.5 HP DC compressor, which runs on Inverter technology. This AC can cool up to 16 to 21 square meters.

To keep the air clean, it has an antibacterial filter. One of the special features of this AC, it can heat a room. To keep the room warm in the winter

season, it has a 900-watt heater. It can warm up to 16 to 24 square meters. Users will be able to control it from Mi Home app. Apart from this, it also

has a 6-year warranty.

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